Skype Call Forwarding

Forward Skype™ calls to your iphone!

"...Thanks. This app should help me alot as I currently have 4 work numbers, one of which is skype. Now I can just list 1 number(skype) and just switch it's forward to one of the other three when needed (work, home office, cell)..."

Skype™ calls can be forwarded to normal telephones. This application simplifies forwarding to make it useful in many situations: When on the road without wifi-access, configure a forward to your iPhone. When at the office, forward to your office phone.

Please Note: Forwarding is a payed service provided by Skype and will cost you skype™ credit. Please consult for the rates that apply to your country. To keep costs transparent, Skype™ Fwd has a builtin Skype™-Credit display. If you forward to your iPhone, the resulting call is a standard incoming phone-call. All rates associated with incoming calls apply (for example, roaming charges).